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Macintosh Advice


This is my Macintosh Web Page. It is an attempt to group "tips and tricks" I pick up in my mixed environment of Macs and PCs.


Mac Blogs



  1. Apple Support - The "Official" Apple Support Web Site
  2. Cult of Mac
  3. Alltop- contains some Apple stuff. Started by former Apple evangelist Guy Kawasaki

Mac Help

Mac Knowledge Base - Help and support for Mac users. Discussion of a wide range of Mac hardware, software and usage issues.

Mac Hardware

  1. TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog Great place for new Apple information
  2. Tech Crunch - Authoritative - Michael Arrington

Mac Software

  1. FTP - Filezilla (Free) THE FTP client. A great program.
  2. Cinch - Mini-Windows Manager $7 (free version has a nag screen). Drag window to left or right to have 1/2 screen; Drag window to top to have full screen.
  3. Onyx = Tweak system Settings Free (Download from MacUpdate). Uses I've made of it are:
    • Display invisible files (Click on Finder, Click on box adjacent to "Show Hidden Files and Folders"
    • Change your login background image (Click on Login, and select path to login background image)
    • Delete .DS_Store files (Click on Maint, Rebuild, Display of folders Content, etc.)
    • Disable .DS_Store creation on network volumes (Click on General, then put check mark in box that says, "On network volumes, disable the DS_Stores files creation")
    • Change setting, "Display invisible files" (Click on Parameters,
    • Delete Trash, all accounts (Click on Utilities, Trash, etc.)
  4. TinkerTool - Similar program to Onyx. Onyx appears to have more functions
  5. PhotoInfo - Mass changes to File names and Dates. 2006 version is 2.0.1 is available free at Macupdate and Cnet (PC has a MS PC Tools version too)
  6. PC Batch file to clean up hidden OSX Batch files. Explanation of the cause of these files, The Resource Fork
Last Updated 07/02/2016
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