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About this Web Site

This is Bill George's Home Page and Web Site. It is hosted on a commercial web site service, Westhost. I try to have a centralized source of information and an accumulation of useful links people can use. I first started a home page in 1995 on my account with a 9,600baud phone modem account. When cable internet became available and @home offered service in the Castro Valley area, I purchased an account with a "hard" IP address and used that as a home page for a couple of years. Then @Home sold out to ATTBI and the fixed IP address disappeared. Not too long after, in 2000 I changed to an SBC account with five fixed IP addresses, obtained the domain and moved my home page "in house". Well... now SBC morphed into ATT and their max download speed is just over 1megabits/sec with an upgrade available to 3mb/sec. So, i finally upgraded in 2011 to a Comcast triple play (cable, phone, internet) service and gave up the SBC account. I moved my domain to Westhost, my favorite web hosting service.

Bill George 12/31/2011

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